Dog's Body Language 101: EYES


Lesson Four

Today we will learn about the message a dog gives out with the position of his eyes.

HAPPY: Eyes wide open

SCARED: Eyes kind of squinting

AGGRESSIVE: Pupils dilated, yes wide open

Dogs communicate with different types of expressions using body language and sound. They need to have an effective communication between the members of the pack. All breeds of dogs speak the same language. It is really important to be able to interpret this language, so we will be able to understand what the dogs are saying.

The body language of the dog expresses how they feel and what their intentions are. For example, at the end of the meal, you can find them sitting near your table wagging their tails impatiently staring at every bite you take. Or if they want to go out for a walk, they may stop in front of the door, moving their tail energetically.

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