PORTFOLIO: Hana the rescued kitten

I'd like to show you some framing and color options created for the custom pet portrait for Hana. The cat's owner wanted custom framing and the pet illustration colors to compliment the room where the cat art would be hung.


Above is the wall to the bathroom, just off of the guest bedroom. 


Hana was found in Cabo San Lucas. She was very sick and weak, and taken to Fierito's Clinic at PET Los Cabos . She has made an amazing recovery and now lives in Arizona! Below is the photo that her pet portrait was illustrated from, and some great shots of her at the clinic getting love and care!


Her custom pet portrait was shown to Companion Animal Clinic and they wanted to have a version of this art made for their lobby! The colors in the pet illustration were made to be natural, and I selected a frame that would go well with their Western motif.



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  • Hi Wendy:
    This is absolutely lovely! We are actually contacts on Linkedin which led me to read about the rescue of Hanna.
    This is extremely creative and will be a much treasured piece of artwork by Hanna’s forever family 💖

    Lesley Osborn

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