Rescued Tails

  • Tribute to Little Amor

    A tribute to a truly perfect dog. Little Amor Rall inspired this brand. Read about the life of this Mexican street dog who shared love with so many and was a foster Mom to so many.
  • Rescued Tail of Little Amor Rall

    The Rescued "Tail" if Little Amor, a Mexican street dog, who found her way to a loving home. Hear the heart warming story of the rescue dog, who inspired the Rescued Tails brand!
  • This Loving Dog Has A Heart-Shaped Nose

    Dog mom Lexi Smith was excited to bring home her new dalmatian puppy, Wiley. He was sweet, silly, and energetic. Like all dalmatians, he had a unique ...
  • The Rescue of "Chili" aka Chili-man!

    Chili was a dog who ran with the horses from a tourism company on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. He was thin and tired, walking the hot sand every day. He had an owner but was not cared for and was lacking love. You could see the loneliness in his eyes.
  • The Rescue of Nova Ann

    Enjoy the heart warming story of Nova Ann! A blind puppy who has overcome all obstacles!
  • The Rescue of Faro Biali

    Of all of the animal rescues I’ve been involved in, by far, Faro’s story is the most extreme.
  • Rescued Tail of Travisto Rall

    The heart warming tale of Travis! From being a street dog who was homeless, skinny, sick and hungry, to a healthy, strong, furry, loyal companion.
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