The Rescue of Faro Biali

 Faro Biali. 2004-2011. Rescued in 2008 Cabo San Lucas, BCS MX


Faro with his Mom, Dr. Susan Biali Haasrescued-tails-pet-portrait-dog-cat-horse

Faro while recovering

Of all of the animal rescues I’ve been involved in, by far, Faro’s story is the most extreme.

On an early morning in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico, a man was jogging on a desolate path near an old lighthouse, very far out on the dunes of the Pacific Ocean. Just off the path he spotted a large white dog. This dog is now known as “Faro”, which means “lighthouse” in Spanish. The dog was bound and tied, lying in the desert in distress, yet still alive, after what the local veterinarians believe was about a week.

The gentleman rescued the dog and called his friend at the animal center. Faro was brought directly to the veterinarian who removed the wire cords that bound his feet and mouth. This dog went through a torturous time but his strong spirit helped to keep him alive. He was now in good hands, and had a safe environment in which to recover, and had many people who loved him.


Vets, Susan (Mom) and Faro at the clinic

I arrived at the vet’s clinic shortly after Faro had. I went to see him as soon as I got the call. He was still tied up because the cords were deep down in his skin. It was sad and sick to see that someone could do such a thing to any living being. But herein lies the problem. The problem that there are still many people that do not know their options.  If they no longer would care for their pet,  “owner surrender” was an option, however they were likely unaware or ashamed. Nevertheless, Faro was blessed. Blessed to be rescued, and blessed to go on to live a happy life.

After some time, Faro was back in good health and ready for adoption. I’ll never forget the moment! It was at the end of a church service, when I was telling my friend Dr. Susan Biali about Faro, and she told me she was thinking about getting a dog! We went straight from church to the clinic, so that Susan could meet Faro! It was love at first sight. She took him to his new home, just steps off the beach! Faro met the neighbor’s dog and would run and play! What a happy dog he was!

<img src="//" alt="rescued-tails-pet-portraits-dog-cat-horse" />Faro and Susan saying good-bye to his babysitters

When Susan was scheduled to go out of town for a short while, her friends entire family took Faro in and “baby sat” for him! You can see in the photos how much Faro was loved by this family too!

It was not long after her return that Dr. Susan Biali made the decision to move back to Canada. This meant a big change for Faro! I had the privilege to escort Faro to the airport, where we met up with Susan. It was a moment of mixed emotions, as Faro left my side to board the plane. I was so happy that he was going to another great place, with his Mom, however I was going to miss him! 

Faro arriving at the airport with me. (Above)


Dr. Susan Biali Haas and Faro reuniting outside the airport. (Above)


Faro and me outside the clinic


Susan arriving in Canada with Faro!

More joyful days came to me as Susan would send me photos of Faro at the dog park, in the snow, playing with friends, and relaxing in his new home in Canada.


Faro and his new neighborrescued-tails-pet-portrait-dog-cat-horse

In Canada at the beach with friends!


At the dog park in Canada

It’s been several years since this story transpired and Faro is now at the rainbow bridge, playing with all of his new friends. What an honor it is to have known this very special, strong soul. He will be featured on an upcoming line of note cards that are under development.








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  • What an amazing , heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing it!

    Diane Rall

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