The Rescue of Nova Ann


Hello Rescued Tails friends! This story is written by the mother of this amazing little blind chihuahua-dachshund mix! I met her and her canine kids recently and she was kind enough to share with us the amazing story of this overcomer! Enjoy!


Nova Ann was a rescue from a unexpected litter and she was the runt.

She fit in the palm of my hand when I got her at 5 weeks old, after a lot of late night bottle feedings and learning to eat she grew and grew. 

At age 3 she had her first seizure in the middle of the night.


At age 5 She had what we thought was a scratch on her eye and it was misdiagnosed. One day she was crying in pain and began to walk into the wall at work. Back to the hospital to have to be sent to an eye specialist in Pasadena to be told the eye was no longer working and the pressure was so high they had to immediately remove the eye. She was given a fake eye in her left eye and we began treatment to save the right eye that required meds at least 3 times a day everyday.


Nova began to run her nose up my arm from the elbow to my wrist while we would be sitting. She then would lick my arm uncontrollably or hold her cold nose to my arm. To my surprise she was alerting me that my blood sugar was extremely low and I wasn't noticing it. She still continues to do this even if I am asleep. I was able to get her registered as my service dog because of this and now she goes where I go and keeps me on track.


At age 6 she developed a head bobbing, with eye nystagmus and vestibular issues. This was back to a specialist for what they thought was a brain tumor. She had MRI and it was clear. They call it Vestibular syndrome and there is no cure so we can only treat them as they happen. She can't get her head wet, avoid extreme heat, and has to be in low humidity. It's like our little gremlin.

At age 7 she began to go blind in the other eye but was adapting to everything well.

At age 8 we had to have the eyes removed and now she see's with her heart. She is out of pain and spunky as ever. 

So I am her service human and she is my service dog. I couldn't imagine life without her.

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