Rescued Tail of Travisto Rall

Travisito, aka Happy Wagger Tail

Travis Rall 2008-2016. Rescued in 2009 in San Jose del Cabo, BCS, MX

Life on the street:

Travis slept on the street near a church in SJC, and begged for food, sticking his head through the gates of  kind strangers, hoping for any food to fill his belly. Due to the lack of nutrition, he had a bad skin condition and had lost most of is fur. His tail was cracked and bleeding, but it was always wagging! His ears were cut and bleeding, and his eyelashes had grown into his eyes, nearly sealing them shut with crusty flakes. Travisito was sick and hungry, covered in ticks. 

Travis begging at Carlos' house:



Travis in my truck after rescue:


The Rescue: I received an email from Senior Osuna, who had been feeding Travisito. He told me that there was a very nice dog in need of help. I called the man immediately, met him and followed him to the exact location where Travisito was seen laying down in the past. There he was! He was so  friendly! I helped him into the back seat of my SUV, and as we drove to the Los Cabos Humane Society, he put his head on my shoulder for the entire 30 minute ride.

Email from the wonderful man who called for help:


Me and Travis on the way to the shelter:rescued-tails-pet-portrait-travis-shoulder

The Recovery: After arriving at the animal center, I picked ticks off of Travis, he wagged his tail the whole time! I call him “happy wagger-tail” because he’s always wagging his rear-end and tail, he’s such a happy dog. Travis had medicated shampoo baths to heal his mange. His cuts healed naturally, however he was in need of surgery on his eyes. My friend, Aida, sponsored him, and his surgery was a success!


The Happy Life: I fostered Travisito after his eye surgery. I loved having him around so much. When I told the shelter manager that Travis was ready to go back to the center, she said “why don’t you keep him? He’s “your” dog!” and I instantly said yes! I later adopted three puppies and Travisito raised them (along with “Little Amor”). He was a wonderful doggie daddy, and the best friend any human could ever have. He loved to scratch his back on anything he could find that was just the right height! As you can see.....

Travis comforter scratch:


Travis cactus scratch:


Travis went to "school" at Cuidad Canina and this is his photo on graduation day:


Here's his first time at the beach, with his three sisters:

 Here's a cute one of him with his sister Silver (R.I.P.):


He was a protector and a big funny baby. Travisito lived a long full, happy life in Los Cabos, MX and California, USA, and has since crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We love you buddy!


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