Tribute to Little Amor

It was another beautiful day in Los Cabos, as I returned home from a surf contest. Much to my delight, as I pulled into my driveway I saw a little black puppy, covered in dust and sitting next to a plate of taquitos and a bowl of water. Little did I know how this dog would affect my life.

I picked her up and brought her in side. I showered her up, and named her LOVE, because love was just radiating off of this pup! She spent the night with me, and I wanted to keep her. I had two Weimaraners at the time and thought I should not adopt the first dog I rescued in Mexico (or I'd take all I could!), then made the decision to bring her to the Cabo San Lucas Humane Society the next day.

Being that we were in Mexico, her name became "Amor", then quickly "Little Amor" and then she was known as "Little Amor who never does anything wrong".

My video blog tells most of the story, how I visited Amor at the shelter for six months, worked to get her adopted, then became a failed foster as I was preparing her for a flight to a shelter in the US. You guessed it, I adopted her all that time later because I could just not let her go! What I didn't get into detail on in the video is how many dogs we fostered!

We fostered a lot! Most of the time it was only for a few days. I was involved as a volunteer for the shelter preparing rescued dogs for trips to the airport destined for their forever homes. Amor was just so good with dogs of all kinds! She brought life to my aging Weimaraners and after they passed, she raised Travisito and later Planeta and Reyna.

We spent our first nine years together in Mexico and later moved to sunny California where she lived for seven years. Amor was a real Cabo dog, who loved to sunbathe but was not a big fan of the sea. She was an amazing at catching tennis balls. I call her my "little flipper" because she loved to flip around in her bed! I've posted those videos before, and will continue, she was so precious and funny!

Now back to the plate of taquitos and bowl of water. Initially I thought that someone had intentionally left Amor there, with food and water, hoping I would take care of her. It was about 3 years before my neighbor told me that she was the person who left the food, evidently, Amor was hanging around our driveway for a while.

She also loved cats! She befriended a ferrel cat, started bringing this cat to our door, and eventually Maxine became part of our family. When I was cat sitting "Presley" the siamese for a summer, she kept her eye on both Presley and Maxine when they ventured into the yard. She was such a great mother figure!

Little Amor was the perfect dog. That's a bold statement I know! But it's true. She is responsible for this brand, "Rescued Tails". That's why I tell everyone, that she "started it all". What I mean by that is that she's the first dog I rescued after moving to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The first of an estimated thousand rescues in my 10 years there. She's the first dog I took to the shelter, which started a long string of rescues, and an eventual volunteer position leading the rescue team. I've rescued animals since childhood, but grew up in an area where there were not many lost or homeless animals, but I never lived in an area that was so full of animals in need. Because of Little Amor, I found my destiny in life, which is to rescue and support rescue organizations. I've created the Rescued Tails brand in order to have a place to warm hearts and save lives. I hope this "tail" of Little Amor has warmed your heart, and if you'd like to save lives, please consider making a purchase on this site, by ordering a custom pet portrait, or donating to one of the charities we support.

 Thank you to all of you who knew, sat, consulted, helped and loved Amor. We appreciate all you have done.

Rest In Peace my sweet LOVE.

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