How It Works




Select from four printing/framing options at three sizes each.

Simply choose your frame or print type to get started.



Size and Orientation

• Your size and let me know if you prefer a horizontal (wide) or vertical (tall) illustration. Usually this will be determined by the way that the pet in the photo is positioned.


• Let me know if you like bright colors, soft colors, neutral colors or if I should use team colors for sports related designs.

View Colors


• Tell me what kind of patterns you like. I have created patterns that work for cats, dogs, horses and more, but I am happy to create custom patterns based upon things that you and your pet enjoy. If you prefer not to have any patterns, or if you want the patterns to be very subtle, just let me know.

View Patterns 



• If you would like to have a subtle background of words telling the "story" of your pet, please enter about four or five sentences about your pet in "Type your pet's story here" on product page.

You can also select words that describe your pet's personality, rather than telling a "story" and include your pet's name and nick-names.

See examples.



• Upload your photo on the page of the frame/print of your selection.

• Place your order.

• Approve your design via email or text. (Normally 3-4 days for one pet illustration, 4-6 days for multiple pet illustrations.)

• Smile when your custom Pet Portrait arrives! (Normally in about 2 weeks from date of order for single pet portraits, and a few days more for multiple pets in one portrait.)

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