Rescued Tails retains the rights to all custom artwork created. Your custom pet illustration may be used in future offers on RescuedTails.com. If I use your pets portrait in a future promotion, such as for ready-to-buy art of particular breed or type of animal, I will change the colors, and remove any customization such as your pet’s “story” or name. Digital files will not be provided to customers, they are the sole ownership of Rescued Tails. Unauthorized duplication of the artwork commissioned is not allowed. If you would like to have your pet portrait reproduced on additional items (such as a mug or tee shirt) please contact me. I plan to offer various items for sale on my website in the future, however the portrait must be paid for in advance. Currently, the price of the artwork is included in the print and framed item options. My current rate for a single pet is $150.00 USD, and each additional pet is $125.00 USD. The prices shown on the products include both the print or frame and the artwork.

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