Story background

If you would like to have a subtle background of words telling the "story" of your pet, please enter about four or five sentences about your pet in "Type your pet's story here".

You can also select words that describe your pet's personality, rather than a than telling a "story" and include your pet's name and nick-names. See examples below.

These words will be a very light color, as shown in example below.


For example: Rover • Loyal • Full of energy • Loves to spin in circles • Such a digger! • Can't wait for "treat time" • Sleeps on the bed • Wonderful alert dog • Little Rovey (These words will be repeated as a pattern  if you only provide a short amount of words such as these).


For example: you can say: "I love to play fetch with my tennis ball • I live on a ranch with two horses and we all play around! I also have a cat • The cat will keep me company in the house. I am a very friendly boy and I was rescued from a shelter. My mom and dad really love me and people say I am a little spoiled, but I just call it happy! Chicken for dinner every night is just normal to me! The tennis ball is my favorite toy, but I have so many toys to choose from!"


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